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Indian motor racing team Mahindra Racing has selected Sygnia, an Israeli cybersecurity company that protects organizations worldwide, as its global cybersecurity partner. Sygnia will enable Mahinda to further build its cyber resilience and stay ahead of threats. 

Cybersecurity is crucial in the world of motorsports for several reasons, including ransomware attacks, in which hackers take hold of a company’s data and deny access to its owners until the ransom is paid. In 2016, a NASCAR team experienced a ransomware attack.

Race teams also need to protect their data and intellectual property, such as test data and vehicle design information, from competing teams. Cybersecurity is further needed to secure confidential business information of motor racing teams, including financial records and HR information. 

“We are proud to partner with Mahindra Racing and bring our depth of cyber security experience to enhance their existing measures and maximize their cyber resilience,” says Ram Elboim, CEO of Sygnia.

“In order to protect ourselves from cyber-attack and to improve our cyber resilience, we looked for a security partner with a proven track record. Sygnia will assess, stress test and build our ability to detect, prevent and defeat attacks while cutting through any complexities and without adding additional burden to our hard-working team,” says Dilbagh Gill, CEO & Team Principal of Mahindra Racing.

Sygnia was founded in 2015 by Team8, the Israeli cybersecurity think-tank and company creation platform, and four founders. In 2018, Sygnia was acquired by Temasek, the Singapore government’s giant holding company and one of the world’s biggest investors at a valuation of $250 million. 

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