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Keep the Hackers Out: How Trucking Companies Can Up Their Cybersecurity Game – Fleet Management

November 27, 2022

Internet security analysts say the number of ransomware attacks ballooned by 105% in 2022 compared to 2021 — and 2021 saw a 61% increase over 2020. Experts expect those numbers to be even higher next year. It’s no longer a case of if, but when, your trucking company will be targeted.


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Big fleets have the resources to at least try to ward off a cyber attack, but where does that leave smaller fleets, ones without dedicated IT staff to develop and implement security measures? To gain a clearer understanding of the significance of this threat, HDT Equipment Editor Jim Park spoke with Mark Zakos, president of DG Technologies. He’s also the chair of the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s Cyber Security Issues Task Force.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Is trucking immune from cyberattack?
  • What would attackers want with a truck fleet’s data?
  • Who are the hackers and what do they want?
  • Why would hackers even bother with Mom & Pop fleets?
  • Prevention isn’t that complicated; so why aren’t we taking precautions?
  • Are we making progress in the fight against cyber threats?


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