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Thales partners with Monaco Cyber Sécurité to strengthen cyber response capabilities

  • At Les Assises de la Sécurité, Monaco Cyber Sécurité, the leading digital security player in the Principality, and Thales, the world leader in data protection and cybersecurity, announced the formation of an incident-response partnership.
  • Under the arrangement, Monaco Cyber Sécurité will bolster its rapid response capabilities for businesses and government organisations, drawing on Thales’s experience and expertise.

An increasingly challenging threat landscape for businesses and government organisations

Cybercrime knows no borders, and malware, phishing and ransomware have become routine threats to French and Monegasque organisations of all sizes. Faced with industrial-scale attacks and malicious code that can lay dormant in a company’s systems, traditional countermeasures – employee awareness and “safe computing” practices – are no longer enough. Monaco Cyber Sécurité, founded in 2021, supports businesses with their digital transformation by tightening their defences against increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks.

Pooling cybersecurity expertise

As it looks to better protect its clients in Monaco, France and elsewhere in Europe, MCS has expanded its front-line teams, including creating a new Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). Thales is supporting this endeavour by contributing the expertise and incident response capabilities of its Rapid Response Team which, in February 2022, was accredited as a security incident response provider (PRIS) by France’s national agency for information system security (ANSSI). The Thales team searches for indicators of compromise and employs digital forensics techniques to help address and resolve security incidents, providing an end-to-end solution for organisations looking to bolster their cyber defences and keep response times to a minimum.

“Thales is proud to announce this flagship partnership with Monaco Cyber Sécurité, which will bring the very best in cyber incident response to customers in the Principality and beyond,” said Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Vice-President, Cyber Defence Solutions at Thales. “By pooling our expertise and shortening response times, we will provide businesses and government organisations with the capabilities they need.”

“Monaco Cyber Sécurité welcomes this major partnership with Thales, which will allow us to expand our services across the board – from consultancy and prevention, through to incident detection, response and remediation. Our independence and agility perfectly complement Thales’s strength and experience as a world leader in the industry.” adds Anthony Boira, Chief Executive Officer of Monaco Cyber Security

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