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6pillars launches anti-ransomware automation tool in AWS

Lorenzo Modesto (6pillars.io CEO)

Credit: 6pillars

Australian compliance and automated cyber security start-up 6pillars has launched an end–to-end anti-ransomware automation tool in Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Named Automate+ARA, the tool features auto remediation that corrects security issues in AWS in real time, detects and alerts security issues through integrations with Slack, and has its own custom developed controls to automate recovery. 

“The prolific acceleration of ransomware attacks globally is what happens when bad actors adopt automation faster than their targets,” 6pillars CEO Lorenzo Modesto said. “With this launch, we’re looking to head off that threat by leveraging automation for good and protecting customer’s environments from end to end, allowing customers to protect, detect and recover in near real time.”

In the lead up to the launch, 6pillars has already engaged in discussions with both end customers and managed service providers. 

“While upskilling, reskilling and graduate programs have their place, automation is the only path to improving companies’ security and risk posture in the timeframe required,” Modesto said.

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