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New Ransomware Threat Targeting Work From Home Employees – NBC Bay Area

A new strain of ransomware targeting companies prompted a warning from the FBI saying it could cost millions to break free.

Zeppelin is the new high-tech attempt to hold companies’ data hostage. The hackers behind it are demanding as much as a million dollars to get data back.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warn the target in this attack are companies with employees working from home.

“If you’re a frazzled parent working from home and you’re on your home router and your teenage kids are doing their homework from the router, there’s a lot of attack surface for these criminals to go after,” explained FBI Assistant Special Agent Elvis Chan.

Privacycode President Kristy Edwards said workers at home make a tempting target due to comfort.

“Maybe their dog is laying next to them, I’ve got my cat back here,” she said explaining work from home settings. “So you’re not necessarily following all the best practices you would if you’re in an office environment.”

She said the best way to protect yourself and your employer is to be a little more paranoid and act like you’re in an office setting.

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