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Ransomware with “.noway” extension – Ransomware Help & Tech Support

Hi there,


Today I found that all drives in my system have been hit with an apparent ransomware.


All files have been renamed with scrambled characters and have a “.noway” extension.


There is a ransomware note in each directory entitled “Unlock your file Instraction.txt”


I attach the note and a couple sample files here.


I tried to identify/confirm the ransomware used (the claim is AES-256 encryption), but have not been able to do so yet.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




The contents of the .txt file with the ransomware note reads as follows:


All your files have been Encrypted with the AES-256 encryption algorithym
making your files inaccessible. I will show you how to get them back.

You have 72 hours starting from now to pay your ransom before your
private key is deleted from our servers permenantly, making your files
inaccessible forever, If you try to damage, remove or tamper with this
software in any way your  key will self destruct.

Instructions to recover your files :
1. Go to https://login.blockchain.com/#/signup or any website where you can buy bitcoin and set up a new wallet.
2. Purchase 250$ of bitcoins .
3. Send 250$ of bitcoins to the address : 3GfbwCbTJXFLmLBL8E59YJdhs9uftLfSM5
4. then send your transaction ID to : michael.adler@swsemarketing.ca
to get your decryption key for your files



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