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Report: Cyber Threats Increased In 2021 – Ransomware, Supply Chain Attacks, Rogue Players

JERSEY CITY, NJ. – In 2021, in every part of the world, cyber security threats increased, challenges grew, and in the face of uncertainty, organisations did their best to mitigate against attacks that were new and destructive.

Throughout the last year SecurityHQ saw an increase in prevalent Threat Actros and Initial Access Brokers, a spike in Supply Chain Attacks and Supply Chain related compromises, issues with Cryptocurrency security and the security of digital assets, expanding ransomware tactics and a growth in rogue affiliates, a rise in geopolitical tensions and an increase in the adversaries to monitor and safeguard against.

What these adversities provide, however, is a glimpse into the development of threats of the future and how, from SecurityHQ’s experiences throughout this last year, we can learn from the approaches seen, to better safeguard the people, processes, and data of 2022.

As a global MSSP, our analysts had full visibility of threats as they evolved during 2021, and of the large campaigns and threat groups as they developed. In our latest white paper, ‘Global Threat Forecast 2022’ we discuss some of the evolving threats, the prevalent actors, the industries targeted, and what that means for future threats of 2022, as well as to provide some of the solutions and actions to combat and mitigate against these threats, with x6 recommendations for 2022, to get ahead of the game.

Download the White Paper to Know More. Or, if you would like to hear our analysts discuss more about the threat landscape of 2022, you can download the webinar recording here here.




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