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Sydney AWS partner 6pillars unveils anti-ransomware automation tool – Security

Lorenzo Modesto (6pillars)

Sydney-based AWS partner and security software specialist 6pillars has launched its anti-ransomware automation solution.

Called Automate+ ARA, the end-to-end solution uses 6pillars’ own automation technology to deliver native AWS services to provide protective, detection and recovery services against ransomware attacks.

The solution provides “autoremediation” to correct security issues in an AWS environment, detection and alerts for security issues with an integration with Slack, and 6pillars-developed custom controls for automated recovery.

“The prolific acceleration of ransomware attacks globally is what happens when bad actors adopt automation faster than their targets,” 6pillars chief executive Lorenzo Modesto said.

“With this launch, we’re looking to head off that threat by leveraging automation for good and protecting customer’s environments from end to end, allowing customers to protect, detect and recover in near real time.”

The company also developed what it claims to be industry-first automation safeguards to ensure the automation can be fully customised, but also won’t impact application workload performance, availability or accessibility.

Modesto added the solution can also address the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage.

“Existing cybersecurity solutions are currently largely manual, meaning they’re expensive, slow and inconsistent. Exacerbating the problem is the well-documented, critical skills shortage in cybersecurity,” he said.

“While upskilling, reskilling and graduate programs have their place, automation is the only path to improving companies’ security and risk posture in the timeframe required.”

6pillars also partnered with security vendor SentinelOne to integrate its new SentinelOne for AWS Security Hub product into Automate+ ARA, adding endpoint protection and also providing the capability to view threat findings directly in AWS Security Hub.

SentinelOne director of product management David Baldwin said, “SentinelOne delivers full transparency across an organisation’s network at machine speed.”

“We are happy to provide 6pillars with our unmatched security telemetry, providing joint customers with the ability to detect, protect, and respond to attacks in progress using the tools of their choice. Together we enable organisations to protect their cloud estates and respond to threats in an automated workflow.”

Modesto said 6pillars has received interest for Automate+ ARA from a number of managed service providers and end customers, and the company has since engaged in discussions ahead of the launch.

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