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Lockbit ransomware first attacked hospital then offered free decryptor

There are a number of ransomware groups active all across the world that are affecting the working of institutions. These acts become barbaric when they hack the system of any healthcare facility. The same events occurred when Lockbit named the ransomware group that attacked Canada’s largest children’s hospital that took place on December 18. They issued an apology after that and wrote, “the partner who attacked this hospital violated our rules is blocked and is no longer in our affiliate program”. The hospital is attached to the University of Toronto and is Canada’s largest pediatric health centre.

The Lockbit like the number of ransomware groups is advised to not attack certain institutions like hospitals but still, it occurs. This group is already accused of attacking other healthcare facilities and have given decryptor for free. This time when it attacked the Sickchild it did the same by apologising and offering a free decryptor. Hospital for Sick Children has not commented anything upon it neither they have told anything about whether it works or not. During the early investigation, the hospital did not reveal the ransomware attack but later it wrote that several web pages and phone lines have been affected. And it declared code grey which they later explained as a system failure report. If we talk about the recent attack of Lockbit it occurred in Port of Lisbon in Portugal. The Lockbit took the responsibility of attacking the third largest port in Portugal on Christmas Day.



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